Selling ad ons
Selling ad ons

Booking systems are useful and to the point. They enable you to check availability and book in independently with minimal fuss. 

There are several booking systems out there for various bookings and all of which could, in theory, be converted and used for a bicycle hire company.

However, one of the more complicated things to code into a booking system for bicycle hire companies, are the add-ons i.e. child seats, correct frames, the trailers, the tandems and all of the extra paraphernalia that can be added to a customer’s booking to make for a more enjoyable and comfortable ride.

It is important that your booking system is specially designed for your industry because for example, not all trailers fit every bike and it is quite difficult to convert a system which will allow for all of the above.

Book My Cycles has been designed specifically for bicycle hire companies so we have no problem when it comes to customers selecting various ad ons.

So if you want a system which works for your industry, don’t try to reinvent the wheel (pun intended) but just use the wheel which has been invented for your industry… Book My Cycles.

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