Peak Times
Peak Times

The phrase ‘Peak Times’ sometimes has a negative connotation to it. You hear ‘peak times’ and the words ‘busy’, ‘queueing’ and perhaps ‘stressful’ may flag up in your mind. That may be the case for train services and adventure parks but not for booking systems.

The sun makes an appearance and in force, out come the crowds. And when the good weather coincides with school holidays or bank holidays, as a bicycle hire company you can expect more people to want to be making the most of the weather and for you, that means more custom. A booking system helps with their holiday planning whilst securing you a deposit. Whether they are city explorers or coastal coasters, peak times are a great time to sell ad-ons and boost sales too whilst spirits are high.

By having a booking system, customers can allocate themselves the time slots they want, ensuring they get the amount of bikes they require when they require and not being left feeling disappointed from a wasted trip to you.

Peak times don’t necessarily mean you having to work a whole lot harder because with a booking system people can book themselves in around the clock even when you sleep! And more bookings do not mean even more admin work for you either; you can go paperless and have all admin information stored on the booking system.

Peak Times are GOOD TIMES.

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