Bookings - rain or shine!
Bookings - rain or shine!

As a bicycle hire company, you want to promote bicycle hire because it is fun and good exercise. It is also a great way for your customers to see the sights.  But there is just no guarantee with British weather. We all know how quickly plans can change once the sky starts clouding over and we begin to cancel our plans at the last minute.

Since each day can vary from the next and it is hard to have a clear idea of how much money will be made from one day to another. Good weather cannot be guaranteed and relying on this factor to bring in customers is not feasible. How can you reduce the likelihood of bad weather producing less productive business days and at the same time encourage customers to come and make use of your service?

A booking system, that’s how!

By having a booking system potential customers can check your availability and book themselves in. It guarantees their space and also guarantees you payment.

Having a booking system gives bicycle hire companies more security. Once people have booked and paid, up front, they are more likely to show up and hop on their bikes.

And chances are, rain or shine, they are bound to have an excellent day.

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