Convenience and Competition
Convenience and Competition

With London’s public cycle hire scheme, the competition for bicycle hire companies is higher than it has ever been. The scheme is widely and readily available, with bicycles placed all over the city.


With people rightly pushing for a greener and healthier lifestyle and for eco-friendly living, the London public cycle hire scheme has proven to be very popular. With such high competition, as a bicycle hire company how can you direct customers your way to keep sales high?


We offer booking systems which are a brilliant way to attract potential customers. It is clear that people want convenience which is why having a booking system in place is vital. People can check availability themselves and more importantly, they can book INDEPENDENTLY.


Without a booking system, people have to enquire via phone calls or emails and whilst business is booming when phones are ringing off the hook and emails are pinging into your inbox, you may miss the sale. It could only be by a matter of minutes but time is money and people who are on their holidays cannot afford to wait around for a reply to their enquiry.


Why would they wait around to hear back from you if your competitor’s service is quicker and more efficient?


Get a booking system from us and let customers BOOK THEMSELVES in. They can select an appropriate size bicycle (and children’s ones too) as well as bicycles that you can guarantee are safe and that have been recently serviced. Booking systems give the guarantee of an available bicycle at a particular pick up point, instead of having to look for one.


That’s what we call convenience.

Please do not hesitate to call to explore your options