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Finally - a booking system specifically designed for cycle hire!

Existing systems are not adequate, and cycle hire venues have their own particular needs, therefore Best Bookings has created

"the world`s first booking system for busy cycle hire companies"

If you have ever wondered how to get more bookings and how to handle them efficiently, consider the benefits of an online booking system for your cycle hire business.  A booking system is for you if you want to: 

  • be paper free
  • reduce administration time
  • never miss another booking from a potential customer
  • build great relationships with all your customers for your cycle hire business 

Like having another staff member on board but here`s the difference - your booking system does what a Receptionist would do 24/7 and never takes time off. 

A cycle hire booking system covers enquiries for bookings without missing a call, takes all details from the client or customer securely, books up appointments at the most available times and spreads the capacity throughout rush periods to a manageable level, handles payments, and it`s all automatic. 

Booking systems work more effectively - here`s how:

The online booking system:

  • Cuts out the timewasting phone calls to reception staff
  • Takes bookings 24/7
  • Takes payments automatically
  • Acknowledges all bookings
  • Confirms details and logs them all securely
  • Attracts (and keeps) customers and stimulates `impulse` bookings
  • Makes it easy to keep in contact with those customers
  • Reduces cancellations and mistakes
  • Increases repeat bookings
  • Upsells `add-ons` at point of sale
  • Optimises bookings
  • Avoids paper diaries, calendars, lost paperwork

You stay in charge...

  • Control your business online from a smartphone/tablet
  • Update, amend, initiate tasks, see all reports wherever you are
  • Software shows you the `big picture`(and identifies`gaps)

Affordable Booking Systems

With Budget, Business and Premium payment options - we can offer you a booking system that is affordable. 

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Click Here for more details on how paperless, ecofriendly office systems save YOU money  

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When you`ve gone home, and want to relax, your customers keep browsing!  Don`t miss another enquiry while you are taking a well-earned few hours off!

We work with you to provide a user-friendly and seamless online booking system for your cycle hire company that works even after hours to keep your customers coming in.  So much more than just a `contact us` page - a customer can browse and book your services with ease, seeing all the details, offers and add-ons available, and book themselves in for your services at times you have set. 

 We`ll work with you to provide a complete solution for cycle hire booking which ensures a smoother and less stressful day for you and your staff. A user-friendly and seamless booking system for your cycle hire company, which saves you money and time.  Advice and help is always available from our friendly and helpful team.

Saves You Time

Saves You Time

No more `admin` days

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Boosts Bookings

Boosts Bookings

Online Booking 24/7 will boost sales

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Builds business

Builds business

Management Tools and much more

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Steve, Brighton

Grace, Southsea

Dave and Jenny, Horsham

At last I can go home at night without missing a booking and worrying about paperwork. This has definitely increased bookings! The system shows me where I have low demand and its so easy to send out special deals to attract the customers in seconds.

My customers love booking online and I can check the online diary to see what`s coming out when - the booking system sorts everything out for me. I can`t forget a thing with the reminders and tasks popping up on my phone either - getting me more bookings has got me back on track.

We have more time to maintain and manage the bikes and chat to customers in the showroom now that the booking system is taking care of all the little details. Online booking means increased bookings one reason is because customers can book at the times they want to and nobody has to be in the office. We can cope with all the admin quickly ourselves, it`s so easy to see what`s going on from wherever we are, even if we`re on holiday!

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