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  • How does a booking system really save money?

    Booking systems work in a variety of ways to increase business and make it easier to manage that business.  Booking systems are becoming increasingly popular in all fields of business, whether they are for cycle companies, hairdressers, care companies, or restaurants.  Hundreds, if not thousands of other companies use them now that customers are using smartphones and email, rather than telephone calls and paper.  When all the information is stored and accessed at the touch of a button, the time previously spent on `admin days` will become less and less.

  • Customers will be able to log in and see what cycles are available and when via the online diary straight from a link on your website. We will design the booking software to link to and match your website so that customers don`t have to be directed to another booking service.  

  • Yes, BookMyCycles has a paperless online diary which will replace your existing paper one (or work alongside - but it must be updated if so).  You have online management tools and features that do not require any paperwork at all. These days most clients are happy to be contacted by email. You can manage all your administrative tasks from your smartphone or tablet and your records are held securely.

  • Your cycle booking system makes it quick and easy for people make their own choice and buy whenever the fancy takes them. When make life easier for customers, they will use your services!  It also encourages advance bookings as people see your diary filling up, and discourages people from cancelling if they have already booked and paid up front.  You can check quickly to see where there are slack periods and offer special deals and offers easily to all or some of your customers via email to remind them what fun they could have and make those times more attractive to book.  You can quickly and easily see from the reporting what sectors of your business are working and which need a bit of stimulation. Greater communication with customers means better relationships.

  • Customers log in and book themselves in which saves time-consuming initial contact details -  taking the payment and all the relevant details so your staff or you never have to be tied to the phone.  15 minutes per customer soon adds up - so you can see the savings.  Your staff can now have more time for customer service - that brings customers back too. Plus - no more time consuming filing and paper management, etc.

  • Your staff and you will all know what they are doing - everyone can have their own log in and security level, managers can allocate tasks and see when they have been done - even from a mobile phone.  With many other features that keep you in control, such as reminders, online diary, paperless administration and more, you`ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

  • You know the situation with outdoor sports and the vagaries of British weather...if it starts raining, you get people cancelling at short notice.  But when they`ve booked and paid already, they are more likely to turn up and will probably have a great time anyway!

  • The online booking system will get you more bookings  - so pays for itself.

    When matched to your existing website a booking system is very efficient and does so much more than the paper diary.  The automated diary can never double book or enter in a wrong date or time, and when customers can book themselves in online, you do not need a staff member on the end of the phone talking to them in person.   Plus, the online diary can stimulate further advance bookings ... if customers can look ahead they are more likely to book in advance for themselves if they can see the diary spaces filling up at peak times.

    It also has loads more management features that help you run your business - which are paperless!

  • Depending on which pricing structure you choose, the payments start from £200 up front, then from £30 per month. Please look at our prices page to see what integration is right for you. We are confident that the cost of your booking system will soon be covered by an increase in sales.  We have a great deal of experience in this field and are happy to explain how your booking system will save you money and time.

  • Yes it takes deposits or full payments straightaway.  When they book online, customers instantly pay either a deposit or the full fee up front, whatever you choose. So right away, whatever time night or day the booking is made - means money in the bank for you - and all details for follow-up logged and stored securely automatically.  We strongly recommend this feature - it`s what many people expect when booking - but you are in control of when and how much you charge. 

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