Automatic Booking for Customers

It`s a simple fact that if you make booking easy and quick, your sales will increase.  Automatic booking systems are perfect for the one man band, or small company as well as large ones.  Customers are increasingly booking everything they can from the website - so make it as seamless as possible and turn browers into booking and paying customers!

Big group expected? Special needs? Trailers/cargo trolleys required?  No problem – your automatic cycle booking system can handle all of it so that customers know when their cycle will be ready.  A clear online cycle booking system tells the client when there are available cycles and encourages them to get their first choice bookings in advance, and takes care of payments or deposits for you.  

Automatic Booking for Customers straight from your website, via the online diary is the easiest way for customers to make their own bookings 24-7 with full information available to them any time day or night. 

Obviously, they can call the showroom in office hours if they cannot find a booking suitable at all, or at very short notice, but this one feature takes a huge load off your staff and means that your customers have already covered filling in the time consuming details themselves, before they come to collect their cycles.

Customers can book - and pay a deposit - straightaway, and then they can be contacted with special offers and seasonal deals etc whenever you choose to have them.   You don`t have to demand payment up front - but of course if you do, it helps your cash flow and tends to stop cancellations as well which is a big bonus.  If they have paid up front, they are more likely to turn up, and enjoy your services, whatever the weather.  The customers can also pay the whole amount - you are in charge.

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